Take a walk on the wild side and embrace your inner Joan Jett with Born a Bad Seed‘s edgy pieces. Just one visit to their site and you’ll get swept up in Rock ‘n’ Roll nostalgia with worn leather, ripped denim and greaser vibes all around.

The brand is effortlessly stylish in the best way possible. Most outfits on the site include a simple tee and jeans but don’t mistake the simple for the mundane because ‘Born a Bad Seed’ is anything but. The brand incorporates vintage americana and classic rock vibes into each of their uniquely crafted pieces. A loose tee and jeans are an easy go to for anyone who’s on the move and Born a Bad Seed has made it look cooler than ever. Graphic tees, rugged denim and vintage Harley Davidson pieces are the ammunition for the fully loaded gun which is this company.

Whether you’re on a hunt for vintage band tees or simply looking to make a statement with your clothing, Born a Bad Seed can supply you with a quick fix. With the distressed look trending this upcoming season it’s easy to get distracted by the hundreds of brands that will mass produce their version of ‘edgy’ clothing, Born a Bad Seed is different. Their clothing is genuine and authentic which shows in every piece and every accessory you’ll find on their site.

From their Harley suspenders to their ‘Springsteen for president’ graphics, their laid-back style and care- free vibes take the pressure off trying to be fashionable. Pair some high waisted jeans with their ripped loose fitting tops and some combat boots and you’ll be sure to not only turn heads but be comfortable and ready in minutes. Check out Born a Bad Seed’s site and you’ll re-discover your love for fringe, leather and Joplin with re-imagined 70’s style.

Born a Bad Seed isn’t your average brand, it’s rebellious and refuses to conform. It’s a brand for those who are looking for real clothing that has style and authenticity weaved into every thread of its clothing. So don’t try to fit in but create your own style and most importantly, don’t play the good girl when you were born to be a bad seed.


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