This episode in our Stories series in many ways is exactly what Highlark is about. I have a feeling many of you will skip over this article because we’re featuring a Pop Singer. If that wasn’t enough for you to roll your eyes, this singer/songwriter was introduced to the world via a reality show. In Janet Devlin‘s case, it was The X Factor. Although one thing the show did do is to disprove a major gripe of Pop Music critics. Janet can actually sing… for real. That’s the thing though, we shouldn’t have to justify why we like something to others. Janet Devlin is a genuine musician with real talent who creates music that help and inspire people. Her latest tune “Outernet Song” is mainly about digital detox but it follows the theme of being yourself and not following what the media tells you or thinks you should be. She even jokes about her stint on X Factor as her 15 minutes of fame, which is something her critics can say about her. It’s more like 5 years and counting, and if anyone can take some negative comments it’s Janet who experienced bullying throughout most of her life.

“You shouldn’t change who you are, soon as you accept that, nothing anyone can say around you will ever get to you.”

She’s only 21, but I was so impressed by her strength and resilience. Janet is extremely down to earth and I instantly felt the vibe that I was talking to someone who is completely sure of herself. If you have been bullied, know someones who has or if you are the bully yourself, I hope this video will help in making the situation better. Remember that it’s not your fault, and the bullies themselves carry even bigger issues. Be yourself, be the bigger person and it can only hurt if you let it!


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