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Cassady Bell is an artist at Sideshow Alley Tattoo in Portland, Oregon and Co-Founder of Sacred Geometry Shop. His designs dazzle the eye and occupy the mind, with interesting and captivating geometrical designs. Bell’s labyrinths, hexagons, and circular images pop off the recipients skin through the precise and saturated usage of mainly dark colors, to highlight each line and curve.

Geometric designs make beautiful tattoos because they inherently work with the natural lines and curves of the body, and a skilled artist such as Cassady Bell knows how to stipple and shade his way to a gorgeous end piece. The artist also creates other alternative tattoos mainly focusing on mandala style inspirations. This type of tattoo is also traditionally organic and free flowing, and line work is important to the integrity of it. The artist has clearly mastered this, which makes mandalas and sacred geometry designs all the more impressive, mainly because they appear so much more intricate and beautiful when symmetrical and clear.

When the artist combines his masterful work with his proficiency in coloring and shading, a truly wonderful result is reached for his customers. Often, his tattoos combine parts of nature with his typical designs, having a mandala melt into a field of flowers, or a wolf appear out of a range of abstract swirls.

What’s most impressive is his ability to cover large areas of the body with his tattoos. Often, it becomes difficult to work over a large landscape with precision, as dips and curves in the body are prone to distort the image, but Bell is able to keep the tattoo looking crisp and is able to work with the body rather than against it.

Some of his best works are sternum, chest, or back pieces, but he also works his designs into sleeves or stomach pieces for his clients. When viewed on a whole, the tattoos appear very often as optical illusions, which is a very interesting concept because it literally transforms the human body into a work of art, transcending traditional tattoos that merely appear as a picture on the skin and moving more into a dynamic piece of art.


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