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Grit N Glory Tattoo and Boutique, based in Lower Manhattan, is an ode to a rock n roll subculture thought long dead. A self- proclaimed rock n roll refuge, the shops caries men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, and provides a way to connect with the tattoo artists the shop features. Most importantly, Grit N Glory has soul; it embodies a spirit that came to life in the Whisky-a-Go-Go, slinked down the Sunset Strip in a cloud of hairspray, and ended up moshing well into the night at CBGB’s.

In a near- perfect balance between minimalism and graphics, Grit N Glory apparel has personality without laying it on too thick. The women’s section especially shows that simplicity can go a long way. It attests to the fact that black, when worn the right way, still exudes that elusive panther-like cool. There’s a comforting abundance of cardigans to choose from, as well as both skintight and flowing pieces that cater to the senses. The graphic tees and tanks, both men’s and women’s, are witty, unapologetic, and charming, both in their design and messages.

The shop also stocks an impressive collection of accessories and household items, even featuring a collection of stunning prints by 80’s rock photographer Mark Weiss.

Pairing the extraterrestrial with the supernatural and a little bit of leather lets Grit N Glory live up to its name. It evokes the gritty rock n’ roll haze that once hung over the youth of America, and holds it up to a twenty- first century light, bringing like- minded clothing brands and designers to a single platform. Whether you’re a true, honest-to-god biker chick or a kid who would have rather been born in the seventies, as long as you find the confidence, Grit N Glory clothing is worth checking out. The only question left to ask is, “Where does rock n’ roll go from here?”


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