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Sometimes all the “little too much” things that technology does actually does what it intends to dol. As many of you already know, the app Songkick notifies me whenever a band in my Music collection comes to town for a show. I use it often to pick bands to cover, and Charly Bliss popped up in my alerts. I haven’t heard them before so I was wondering why it came up, but it was one of those suggestion things the app does since I follow Tokyo Police Club (But interestingly they didn’t show up on my alerts). I checked out their music and I dug it a lot so I went in to get more info about the show, and guess what, they were opening up for Tokyo Police Club at Bowery Ballroom. Technology, you clever little thing.

I got there just in time as the Brooklyn quartet consisting of Eva Hendricks (Vocals // Guitar), Spencer Fox (Vocals // Guitar), Sam Hendricks (Drums) and Dan Shure (Bass) took the stage. They opened up with “Percolator” which you can check out in the video, and it was a fast paced energetic tune well suited to start off a show. They are one of the best sounding bands I have heard, every note hit and not a missed beat whether it was vocals, guitars, bass or drums. They did this without compromising that raw and sometimes even messy live element that we all love about Garage, Punk or as they call themselves, Bubblegrunge.

Eva’s voice sort of defines that term, it’s distinct, raspy, dynamic and she shrieks but it’s not evasive at all. It goes long with what I said earlier about their style, grungy and dirty but musically sound. Before playing “Turd” she mentioned that this song came out right after the election, so I think we can all guess who she’s talking about. She explains why she wrote the song in detail here, and everyone should go buy the track. You can name your price so I put $10 but it’s only a $1 and all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Charly Bliss is a band that you definitely want to see live, and now you’ve been informed, so put them on your radar!


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