Galantis No Money Dizzying Mantra Highlark




Galantis is quickly becoming a purveyor of potent electronica hits and their latest single “No Money” is money baby! Behind the track is a Swedish electro pop powerhouse, formed by Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow fame and Linus Eklow from Style of Eye.

The crowd was losing its mind as well as countless euphoric sweat calories during the song’s recent premiere at the Electronic Music Festival in Miami. Feeling good is one of music’s many currencies and this little tune will take you all the way to the central bank of happiness and empowerment for a lump sum withdrawal of good vibes and positive emotions.

Summer, the season of sunlit liberation from all the gloomy non-sense, is just around the corner and songs like “No Money” are sure to lend confidence to many a blooming soul. Life is full of struggles, but once this radiant ditty gets going, the message is loud and clear: “you might knock me down, but I will get back up again”.  Meanings are subjective and whether this song is about a bully or a panhandler is really “who cares?!” It’s a great, uplifting, and rhythmically unorthodox tune with an explosively cartoonish chorus opener that gets into your head like a dizzying mantra. “This time I ain’t gonna run away”, and why would you when this cheery electronic reminder is stuck in your head telling you to never do that.

With one Grammy and millions of YouTube views under their belts, Galantis is bound to set the world of EDM ablaze with this and many more hits. The summer is almost here and good music makes it that much better. Whether you’re on the beach, behind the wheel or anything else that can be driven, the gentle beat and soaring synth notes of “No Money” will be there to remind you to keep going and never look back.


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