Handiedan Builds the Complex Layers of the Universe



Dutch artist, Handiedan, combines digital elements with hand cut materials in order to create beautifully intricate collages. Each collage is framed in an ornamental antique frame, adding to the complexity of each piece. Handiedan’s new solo-exhibition “Torus” features 33 new mixed media collages, all of various sizes, which is Handiedan’s biggest show to date. 

Handiedan’s work combines sexual, scientific, and spiritual aspects into one. “Torus” incorporates each one of those elements as Handiedan seeks to express the cycle of life in accordance with space and time. “Torus” showcases many different works in which women are intertwined with layered designs, creating an image that alters reality, causing the viewer to feel as if they are transcending space and time. In each work of art, each layer creates more depth and texture, allowing each collage to have its own geometric form. Handiedan’s work also mimics the way in which the universe works, in the sense that the universe has a multitude of layers that make up the whole, and each work of art in “Torus” is comprised of layer upon layer to achieve a sense of life and beauty.

Handiedan | "Dodecahedron"

Handiedan’s piece, “Zoen,” depicts two women, leaning in to kiss each other. “Zoen” serves as a representation of love and energy flow in the universe. Both women are topless, wearing eyeshadow, and red lipstick. There is an imprint of what appears as a frame that goes around each of their faces, connecting them as one entity. Zoen can be seen as how love, or lust is a driving force in the universe and a force that brings people together. 

To see more of the beautiful and transcendent work from Handiedan’s solo exhibition, “Torus,” one can visit the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles where her exhibition is currently available to view until December 7th.

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