Helado Negro Releases New Single “I Fell In Love” Featuring Xenia Rubinos


Roberto Carlos Lange, better known under his stage name Helado Negro, has shared a new song today featuring vocals by longtime collaborator and friend, Xenia Rubinos. The first single shared since his breakthrough and quite astonishing album “This Is How You Smile,” the track is a love fueled anthem everyone needs right now.

Listen to “I Fell In Love” below:

In its most bare essence, the song is an honest and vulnerable love letter to love itself, wrapped in a airy melody and calming percussion beat. With an aura of vagueness, the song is not tied to a branch of love. Whether romantic, platonic or for the self; this song really does encapsulate the complexity of the emotion. “There’s a light we carry even in the dark,” is a lyric that feels particularly striking and timely.

Roberto shares via press release: “It’s a song about love! It’s about all the ways we feel and the complicated things we do to try to understand this feeling. ‘Spaceship shaped words fly through your world unheard’ is a lyric that describes how alien the feeling can be and how hard we make it to be known. It’s not simple – it’s too complex to ever say ‘love is like this.‘ Movies and songs always get it wrong. Maybe we are wrong too but I know the love I have.”

Roberto and Xenia began working on the song last September at the same New York studio where much of his album ‘This Is How You Smile‘ was recorded. “It was such a gift to get to work with Roberto on this track,” Xenia says. “He sent me this track idea with his verse written and I wrote a verse inspired by his, which was a really different way of singing for me. I was so inspired by the vulnerability of the song and how sweet and easy it is. We talked about how hard that is, to say something so simple without a fear of being ‘corny’ or trying to overcomplicate things.”


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