Kali Uchis Shares Made-In-Quarantine EP ‘TO FEEL ALIVE’

Songstress Shares New 4-Song EP Made In Quarantine

Photo by Pegah Farahmand-Mobarekeh

Sharing a collection demos made during her time in quarantine, soulful artist Kali Uchis has unveiled a four song EP, To Feel Alive.

Kali has clarified that the EP is not an extension of her highly anticipated upcoming second studio album, which is due later this year, yet an offering to the world during current times. The EP which follows her 2019 single and first bilingual track “Solita” and debut album Isolation in 2018; it is only quite fitting the grammy-nominated singer has returned with a collection of quarantunes created alone in her room.

Kali shares “I hope I can offer some solace to you with this EP I’ve put together in my room in quarantine, and I can’t wait to share my real album with you soon,” Uchis says. “Please take care of your hearts, minds, bodies and souls. Love xx uchis.”

The EP spins around Kali Uchi’s more slow tempo and melodic compositions with tinges of synth, dream pop and sultry vocals. The tracks are entangled in romance as the lyrics find themselves enveloped in the thralls of hopeless romance. We can all use a little extra love during these times, or at least a few songs to get lost in the thought of it with all our spare time. Let the tracks take you on that tender journey in a way only the hypnotic Kali can.

Listen to TO FEEL ALIVE below !

1. honey baby (SPOILED!)
2. angel
3. i want war (BUT I NEED PEACE)


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