Supreme, Takashi Murakami Support Homeless During COVID-19

Supreme and Takashi Murakami Raise Awareness For Homeless Affected By COVID-19 With New T-shirt

Supreme, Takashi Murakami Support Homeless During COVID-19

New York-based Supreme is partnering with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami for a Charity Box Logo Tee with a special edition of its My Bloody Valentine Spring 2020 collection release with 100% percent of its proceeds to go to HELP USA. HELP USA is a not-for-profit that provides shelter to people’s immediate needs as well as the support they need to succeed for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

HELP USA was founded in 1986 by now Governor Andrew Cuomo to address the nation’s growing homelessness crisis. Today, led by Maria Cuomo Cole, HELP USA serves people of all backgrounds, including families, individuals, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, people with health challenges and disabilities, and seniors. They believe that housing is only the beginning, and once one no longer has to worry about having a place to sleep at night, they can focus on building better lives for themselves and their communities. HELP USA has built 2,200 new homes, runs more than 50 programs and residences, and has served over 500,000 Americans facing homelessness and poverty to build better lives. 

HELP USA has created a COVID-19 Action Fund to ensure that #HELPisHere for our homeless population during this difficult time. You can donate here


This is not the first time HELP USA has partnered with an artist. Legendary artist Keith Herring designed Its logo. 

The Takashi Murakami by Supreme Charity Box Logo Tee for COVID-19 relief to help our most vulnerable population, our homeless, will retail for $60 and will be available online this Friday, April 24. 

Supreme, Takashi Murakami Support Homeless During COVID-19

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