Labrinth’s Euphoria Soundtrack: As addicting, unsettling and brilliant as the series

Labrinth composes a score that perfectly captures the anxieties of Generation Z

Labrinth Euphoria Soundtrack

Since HBO’s Euphoria came to an end, I’ve had the same verse stuck in my head, “Still don’t know my name/You still don’t know my name.” I wake up in the morning, and the first thing I sing to myself is, “Still don’t know my name.” Riding the subway to work, “Still, don’t know my name.” Going to bed, the same thing. Much like the Sam Levison series, Labrinth’s score of “Euphoria” is unequivocally addicting and fabulously unforgettable. Now, I finally can have that song on my phone and can listen to it until that wormhole is closed.

Labrinth Euphoria Soundtrack
Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series) by Labrinth available everywhere now

What Labrinth and the folks behind the music of Euphoria have been able to do, is provide us with a soundtrack dedicated to the melancholic anxiousness world we are all inhabiting. Sure, some of us don’t realize it yet. But fans of the show have! And we want the background music to the real, often unexplainable events in our lives. Yes, the soundtrack works perfectly against Rue (Zendaya), Jules (Hunter Vaughn), Nate (Jacob Elordi), Maddy (Alexa Demie), Kat (Barbie Ferreira), and Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) lives, but the genius of it is how it also perfectly fits into our much more basic lives.

The soundtrack also underscores the main point of the series. The point that most adults seem not to grasp. Yes, the storylines of Jules, Nate, and Rue are exaggerated; however, they are all very relatable. We all feel a bit like them.

Labrinth fuses electric, gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, jazz, and rhythmic jitters, so it explodes in your mind creating alternating moods and energies that are reflective of our times. Don’t worry; you’re not just bi-polar, the music you are listening to is as well. Don’t worry; you’re not only anxious; the music you are listening to is as well. Sure, you can look at the score and the unofficial official soundtrack as an hallucinogenic trip that tries to rival Dark Side of The Moon, but this is in many ways 2019’s version of the Pink Floyd hit album.

At some point, you don’t even know what you are listening to anymore, but know it speaks to you somehow. It’s like going to church without anyone else telling you how to interpret the bible. The bible here is your own thoughts. Often  dark and not ready for primetime. Yes, that can be super uncomfortable, just like the HBO series. But how fun is that? To put on your headphones be alone in a crowded world with only your thoughts.

“I still don’t know my name.”

Take a listen to both the Original Score and Unoffical-official soundtrack of all songs from Euphoria:

Euphoria Original Score:

Unoffical-official soundtrack:



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