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Right Said Fred references, hard bass and crooning R&B singers with unusual names always lead to popular songs and good results it seems. This is a part of the rubric of this new song, a song that is good enough to be on this Banger! segment, and will be in a club near you, if your DJ is smart and reads my articles.

Electronic producer Race Banyon and well-known R&B star Ty Dolla $ign pose a great question that I’ve been wondering to myself ever since I heard this song, “What are we Doing??” I mean, I often think to myself “I’m too sexy for my girl man I’m too sexy for myself man I’m too ballin,” I also still have old schools on my feet. Give all of the similarities me and Mr. $ign apparently have it’s hard for me not to like this song, and should be equally as hard on my readers to deny it’s greatness.

To my knowledge this is a newer direction for the New Zealand producer Race but it turned out to be an ingenious showing with a heaping helping of star power from Ty Dolla $ign who could probably make a car alarm into a radio hit.

The beat alongside the voice is what draws me in for this project. On a production level it is very underwhelming to start and I could probably duplicate it easily on a beat making software, but afterwards and throughout the song it slowly becomes a multi-layered, entrancing beat that makes my car ride to the grocery show less mundane. The strangely catchy rhythm of the song has a great pace, a feature of music that is grossly overlooked, and Ty gives a great performance with his sequential singing and well timed auto-tuned ad-libs. Ty’s vocals further the simplistic beat which is intricate enough to keep the listener entertained yet simple enough to give Ty Dolla $ign a chance to use his range, giving Ty the chance to utilize the free space to add to the sound. I respect those who realize that the human voice is also an instrument that can have both pitch and melody.

There is much to like about this track, it is up to you (yes you!) to find out why you like it or not. If you like the song, you’re welcome, if you don’t, what are you doing??


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