Rat Boy Move Highlark


English musician Rat Boy‘s “Move” is fat on groove, a track that should be considered hip-hop, but surpasses the term. It’s old school and fresh, an unlikely pairing that goes a long way in the indie scene. Peppered with arcade game audio, the song is reminiscent of Beck from a decade ago- cool and slinky, permanently chill. The funk rock meets hip-hop vibe made famous by RHCP comes off strong too, like a nod to the medley of influences that gave this particular Boy his uncanny sense of musical composition. The video for the song is a definition in itself- stop motion animation, ninjas immersed in “Street Fighter” reenactment, and a lone shaggy skater winding his way down a washed- out American paradise are all action, all youth. Stripping his music down to its core yields one message- When Rat Boy says ‘MOVE’, you shuffle.

Born Jordan Cardy, Rat Boy is nineteen years old, and, having gone on tour for the first time last year, is gaining steam like a sleek locomotive, so obviously influenced by the classics, yet carving his own path and strolling down it with a steady gait. Currently on the NME Awards tour, Rat Boy’s also scheduled to appear at the UK’s Reading and Leeds festivals this summer. His discography includes a self-produced mix that kickstarted his career and a list of singles that includes “Move.” I’ll go ahead and recommend him to the kids and the dancers, but also to the disillusioned, those looking for a new match to strike and a flicker to witness.


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