Supra Footwear Highlark

The skating world has always supported and introduced the fashion world to innovative style and in 2006 a new brand of sneakers came to the forefront. Founded by Angel Cabada and famed skateboarder Chad Muska, Supra Footwear has become synonymous with cool skate style. Sneakerheads, skater kids or anyone looking to upgrade their shoe closet flocked to the their stores and website to purchase the Supra Skytop that became massively popular, including a nod from Jay-z in 2007.

In addition to the Skytop, and all it’s incarnations, Supra kicks are influenced by 1990’s basketball high-tops. Their looks have a retro feel with bold designs in clean leather styles, to metallic looks with a futuristic sensibility and high-tops with the look and feel of a boot. They have mid and low tops in fabric styles with thick soles in color blocked and solid colors. They design with the skater in mind, knowing how the soles are essential in providing comfort to give them maximum support and performance.

All fashionistas know that specialty brands always offer collections, and Supra is no exception. Their Crown Coalition collection features classic skater kicks with modern twists. The Blackout Collection is, you guessed it, all black everything with exaggerated high-tops to low tops with quirky details. Their signature collection is influenced by Chad Muska himself and offer b-ball influenced looks with skater swag. They also offer tees and hoodies with their signature name and logo, to beanies and duffle bags. They collaborate with not only skaters but with all types of artistic influencers to continue to give this brand edge and to maintain themselves as a staple in the skater and sneaker community.


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