Tatiana Hazel Shares New Mesmerizing Single “Don’t Care”

Chicago Artist Adds Mixing and Mastering To Repertoire With Latest Electro-Synth Single

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Tatiana Hazel is far from your average indie-pop sweetheart. On top of being a promising performer on the rise, the multifaceted Mexican-American artist is also a songwriter, producer and fashion designer. At such a young age, the primarily self-taught artist has proven that there is no role she can’t takeover and excel in herself.

Proving this, Tatiana Hazel has now debuted her new, mesmerizing single “Don’t Care” which was impressively written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered herself. In regards to the track marking her first in the mixing and mastering world; via press release she shares the story behind the inspiration to learning how to take it on herself:

“Upon receiving the first draft of the mix, she didn’t know how to articulate to the engineer the exact changes she wanted; so, she watched tutorials for 3 days and took it upon herself to mix the record in order to bring her vision of the song to life. “I love the final product and I have now started to mix a lot of my songs,” states Tatiana.”

A magnetizing song from the lyrics to the melody; the track encapsulates the journey of pondering the “what ifs” in a love gone awry. The journey deviates from a heartbreak track, following the path to acceptance that everything that happens really does turn out for the best. Within its lyricism, liners like “I know better, than to risk it all” remind us of the perils that can permeate relationships at their ends and leave us dwelling on the what ifs that tag along. Sometimes dwelling the past can be rather pointless, and the singer allows us to dance into the next phase of self love. 

“In the lyric ‘Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I would’ve stayed’ I ask myself what would have happened in an alternate reality if I chose that person over me.  In the chorus, ‘I don’t care if you don’t, I promise that I won’t forget about you’ I ultimately realize that I need to move on, but moving on doesn’t mean forgetting the time spent with that person,” explains Tatiana.

The song itself portrays a melancholic atmosphere tinged with electro-synth melody. The lyricism packs an emotional punch in its ability to portray the complexities that come with the ending of a relationship. “Don’t Care” serves as a form of spiritual cleansing for us seeking to have a last flash of the good moments experienced within a partnership but vibe towards the clarity to know the importance of moving forward towards an individual journey.

Listen to the mesmerizing, electro-pop tune below :



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