The Strokes Share Reflective, New Wave Track “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus”

New York Legends New LP The New Abnormal Out This Friday

Ahead of the release of their highly anticipated studio album The New Abnormal, out this Friday and marking their first studio album in seven years, The Strokes tease yet another single “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus.”

The track marks the third to reach audience ear-waves before the latest LPs official release which is proceeding with its original release date of April 10 via Cult Records/RCA. It follows the release of “At The Door” which premiered at their astonishing performance and debut at Senator Bernie Sanders’ Rally in New Hampshire early February, and “Bad Decisions” that followed a few short days after with an entertaining informercial parody accompanying video.

Listen to the latest from the iconic New York indie rockers below:

Attuned to what is probably the closest return to their signature sound with the most instrumental focused tune yet, the track also develops its own newer identity with its play on new wave melodies. The song begins with an electric keyboard-synth punch that moves quickly into a guitar-driven, electro-tinged track made for grooving.  The 80s vibes carry strong throughout The Strokes latest endeavors, with pulling similarities to some of their more recent work that can be found throughout 2011’s album Angles. The lyrics find and introspective front man (Julian Casablancas) reminiscing on past memories with mentions of battles with drinking and  questions like “And the eighties bands? Where did they go?” As he moves from past to present in search of a new environment and relationships to place himself in.

Lyrically and sonically, an overall extremely fitting and solid track for a band who is highly regarded for their nostalgic place in music’s memory yet still seeking to come back reinvented every once in a while still managing to somehow remain the cool, effortless NYC rock kids often sought to be emulated for the past two decades.

The New Abnormal, recorded at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu and produced by famed producer Rick Rubin, is currently still available for pre-order via The Strokes website. Additionally, via an instagram post by the band posted yesterday, they announced an exclusive 100-page photo book that follows the creation of the album and comes with a white vinyl version of the album. While in the current world climate, it could set you back a couple dollars, it is adding up to a worthy addition to a music lovers collection.

The album’s cover artwork is a painting by Jean-Michel BasquiatBird on Money.


1. The Adults Are Talking

2. Selfless

3. Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus

4. Bad Decisions

5. Eternal Summer

6. At The Door

7. Why Are Sundays So Depressing

8. Not The Same Anymore

9. Ode To The Mets


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