The Virginmarys Divides highlark


MUSIC 100% / LYRICS 100% / OCD INDEX 100%


The energy of musical ingenuity is continually dispersed into anticipatory void of timeless continuum and when it lands like magic sprinkle dust upon the halos of the next guitar strumming generation, you best bet someone is going to catch it and turn it into gold. The Virginmarys‘ sophomore rock machine named Divides is all that glitters.

This is the first time I’ve listened to the band and I lived, loved, and died a few times before realizing I only had 9 lives. These Brits know what honest, emotional rock sounds like and they’re not afraid to bestow it upon our virginmary conscience. Ally Dickaty (guitar, lead vocals) cuts through the cream of torment on “For You My Love”, while Danny Dolan (drums) and Matt Rose (bass) provide machine gun cover that will pulsate through your chest and rattle your cages. The song is infused with Bonnie and Clyde romanticism that pulls no punches while driving a steady muscle car riff to the cliff of unknown consequence. Living with the heart on a sleeve abandon is not grounded in certainty, but it is certain to create a story or two.

“Into Dust” is human’s anguish and hope for meaning in the world filled with “a lot of talking when there’s nothing to say”. Dickaty’s husky vocals carry the message with the urgency of a man on a mission to outlive his fate. “Motherless Land” continues the theme of defiance with a tune that blends hard rock with prophetic and folksy storytelling, and the band “riding out to meet the Sun”. There are elements of longing and soaring with the shades of U2 and Coldplay, but it is all original and genuine nonetheless.

All in all there are 12 tracks on 46 minutes of hard driving, musically sound and meaningful rock n’ roll. The album drops today and that’s as good day as any to live, love, and die for more.


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