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The fourth single from Antoine Diligent’s forthcoming sophomore record, La Forma, “Still Feels” is cosmic and thoughtful, expressive of the paradoxical nature of dreams and desires; “I want to make it quick with the long way / I want to grow old but stay as I am today.” The song’s lyrics are simple yet all-encompassing. “Thematically, ‘Still Feels’ is a quick deep dive head-first into my own opposing, and even hypocritical, thoughts,” says Diligent, also known as Napa/LA-based rocker Anthony Polcino (Low vs Diamond, Beat Club, Soft Pipes, WORLDS).

“What am I gonna do with myself? / I’m getting older, and / It still feels like / Nothing’s gonna please me,” ponders the chorus, and the soothing psychedelic pop song feels like the backing track to a film where the listener could be the main character going through the motions in a montage of scenes featuring dramatic mood lighting. But “Still Feels” is not just a fitting theme for your 3 a.m. existential crisis. Although it acknowledges life’s difficulties, there is a persistence, a productiveness, to the song’s mood, which Polcino says was influenced in part by his listening to ’60s pop band The Walker Brothers while playing with a new Moog synthesizer.

Still Feels by Antoine Diligent album art

In terms of its lyrical content, “Still Feels” is “a splash of self-awareness to the tune of: I love life, and living it, but at the same time, sometimes I just can’t bear it. The more time heals, the more I search for a new wound,” explains Polcino. “After it’s all said and done, the point is it just feels good to admit it, say it, and carry on.” All in all, the song seems more indicative of the beginning of a new quest for personal truth than an end met with defeat. And we’re carrying on with it in our headphones.

“Still Feels” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, etc.

Antoine DiligentPhoto by Casey Curry


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Antoine DiligentPhoto by Casey Curry

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