Jukebox Playlist 14



As summer approaches, Kendrick Lamar dropped an anthem already guaranteed to be hotter than the temperatures of these upcoming months. A preview track released ahead of his much-hyped upcoming (currently untitled) album drop this Friday, Kendrick has come back with a sound that moves away from his last projects Untitled Unmastered and To Pimp A Butterfly, and back towards a more mainstream based sound that is still packed with the prowess to defend his title as King of modern day Hip Hop. HUMBLE., which serves as the PSA during an insanely catchy instructional chorus, is a track filled with hard hitting beats that leaves you wanting to be everything but. Releasing a stunning visual video to accompany the banger of a hit, King Kendrick seems to have not created, yet perfected the art of intersecting lyricism, conceptual art and soul-searching reflection. If this is a preview to what the album has in store, not to mention the featured artist list that has previously floated around, there is no doubt that this album will be a monumental record for music this year, and undoubtedly influential for the many still to come.



“In Your Head,” from Daddy Issues upcoming album Deep Dream out May 19th, keeps true to the band’s charming sound filled with fuzzy guitar riffs and gritty vocals that is reminiscent of Veruca Salt. The song starts off with “Fuck you forever, I said I’m leaving”, a direct slap in the face to a shitty ex boyfriend. It’s relatable lyrics infused with pop melodies is what makes this song so great and timeless. It is an extension of each ladies personality.

Women are leading the way when it comes to new music these days. Daddy Issues, a band we’ve been following since SXSW 2016 looks to no one as competition, merely creating music out of pure passion. Their stage presence is stripped of all superficial antics, left with only raw emotion that is genuine. Do yourself a favor and preorder their dope new record on translucent gold vinyl, limited to 300 copies.



Every now and then a band comes along and drops a new hauntingly and captivatingly beautiful song about the fall of humanity. It is a tall order but Depeche Mode, who once declared humans were devolving, has done it multiple times. Depeche Mode’s retro soul, “Poison Heart” enchantingly drags you in with its monosyllabic guitar and industrial meets electronic vibe. Once drawn in “Poison Heart” punches you repeatedly in the gut, as you get “closer to the edge”. It is a song that can turn a drug-induced trip into a nightmare where you’re faced with your darkest thoughts. Why would you want to put yourself through listening to “Poison Heart” over and over again? Because you want to really feel again.



Mallory Knox is a fantastic alternative band hailing from Cambridge, UK. Since 2013, they have been pumping out awesome albums full of fun and catchy choruses. Their third album, Wired, is full of energetic rock songs with explosive choruses that’ll make you want to dance. Featured on Wired is a great song titled “California,” which has the typical Mallory Knox sound mentioned above. The chorus kicks in with “Ah’s” that accompany Mikey Chapman‘s vocals, really amping up the catchiness. If you’re looking for a memorable summer song in April, this one’s for you.



Cigarettes After Sex return after their last released stunning track K. in 2015.While we have only had single releases from the band so far, the glimpse into the soon to be released EP is like an escape into a hauntingly beautiful dream. Their lastest single “Apocalypse”, is the newest song released from their long awaited upcoming self-titled debut album. The ambient pop group from Brooklyn, NY returned  this time around with Greg Gonzalez serenely singing over a delicate tracking on the perils of an “apocalyptic” goodbye to a loving relationship.

Signature of one of my favorite bands, their sound is uniquely soothing through its melodic healing as the words transport the listener to journeys through the trials and tribulations of different circumstances around romance. This haunting song has the ability to transport you into a spiritual escape of loves of the past while somehow managing to highlight the emotional connection that can only be achieved by human vulnerability. 


[+] COIN – “MALIBU 1992”

Following singles “Talk Too Much” and “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” both anthemic pop tracks that, ironically, have generated a lot of buzz and are great to dance to, comes COIN‘s “Malibu 1992.” A bit softer and sweeter than the aforementioned tunes, the song tells the reminiscing tale of a youthful love cut short and the feelings of affection that remain. It’s slow with a steady beat and washed-out, beachy guitar riffs that certainly transport you to the narrator’s recollection of Malibu, 1992. In an interview with Baeble, COIN‘s lead singer Chase Lawrence said the band recorded the song four years ago “at 4AM, under flickering fluorescent light,” then forgot about it, but rediscovered it for their upcoming sophomore album How Will You Know If You Never Try set for release on April 21.



Looking for the perfect song while you go for your second Negroni? Husband-and-wife Indie-pop duo Tennis’ “My Emotions are Blinding” is for you. Like most songs off of their new album Yours Conditionally, “Emotions are Blinding” is a parody of stereotypes about women. Alaina Moore brilliantly crushes every man who has called their girlfriend or wife hysterical in the tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic “My Emotions are Blinding”. Make sure to have this song readily available for when the time comes and your feeling the effects of your second drink.  Groove out to this Tennis song and enjoy the tongue-in-cheekiness.



Dear Sherlock is a Portuguese alternative rock band with a sound that is very similar MUSE. Their first EP came out in 2012, and since then they’ve only released a couple of songs. Their newest song, “Da Vinci’s Chamber,” feels like a chapter in larger story, a piece of a rock Opera. This track opens heavy, with powerful guitar notes guiding your inevitable head banging. The madness of the second verse throws you into a a seemingly new song, featuring pianos and accordions. If you’re a fan of MUSE and looking for something a little darker, you’ll love “Da Vinci’s Chamber.” I feel that 2017 will be a big year for these guys.



Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s “French Press” is the song you want to play after an amazing day at the beach with your buddies. It’s the kind of song that will help you remember that euphoric feeling you had when you thought life couldn’t get any better. The lyrics don’t necessarily match up to the beat, but it doesn’t need to. It is a song that triggers memories. It is a song that will bond a group of friends together for decades. The intent of music is to spark emotions and “French Press” is the perfect song to listen to on that road trip called life.



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