nanami cowdroy Highlark
The artwork of Nanami Cowdroy is instantly appealing to anyone (with good taste I hope), but I really connected with her... Read More
If you don’t get a happy feeling by looking at Muxxi‘s art, there is some serious darkness in you. I... Read More
Allison Sommers’ (A.W. Sommers) work seems to implode upon itself, splattering across the canvas in a brilliant mess of bulge, flesh,... Read More
Charmaine Olivia Highlark
Charmaine Olivia‘s oil paintings are marked by their effervescence and distinct take on portraiture. Featuring mostly women, they vary in... Read More
I am a big fan of surrealist art because it is a unique reflection of the artist’s mind and creativity.... Read More
You may have seen Ali Gulec‘s work in the form of this year’s Bonnaroo Art & Music Festival poster.  It is... Read More
Zoe Keller Highlark
If I was to pair Zoe Keller‘s work with any literary piece, it would be Virginia Woolf’s essay, Death of... Read More
Robert Borbas Interview Highlark
ROBERT BORBAS INTERVIEW Robert Borbas is a Hungarian tattoo artist, illustrator, animator, and metalhead based in Budapest. He owns a shop,... Read More
Aaron Horkey‘s art is what I like to call a “head-turner” which simply means that if your eye sees it,... Read More
I’ve been a fan of Aya Kato‘s artwork for a while now. Her contemporary art nouveau style is edgy, eye... Read More
Jon MacNair Highlark
Jon MacNair takes the classic conflicts- man vs. man, man vs. nature and man vs. self- and spins them into... Read More
Mark Verhaagen Highlark
Widely commissioned illustrator Mark Verhaagen has a style that borders on pop-art, bending candy-colored shapes into fonts, characters, and narrative... Read More